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This is my VIDA collection.



This is my third animation film.
"Supper with Picasso" is the title of my painting and the title of the animation film. "Supper with Picasso" is not a story of everyday life. These are my thoughts about Art. I think contemporary art follows a false scent.

This is surreal off-the-wall humor. This is my protest against abomination in the contemporary art.

Picasso said:" The real artists are Giotto and Rembrandt, I'm just a clown, who understood his time". He was right.


It's my new logo. I think "O" as symbol of the sun is very good. I like Sun. It shines for everyone. An artist has to "shine" by his creation for people, too. I want to leave a better world behind me.


The Intercession of the Theotokos or the Protection of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, known in Church Slavonic as Pokrov (Покровъ, "protection"), and in Greek as Sképē (Σκέπη), is a feast of the Mother of God celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic Churches. The feast celebrates the protection afforded the faithful through the intercessions of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary). In the Russian Orthodox Church it is celebrated as the most important solemnity after the Twelve Great Feasts. The feast is commemorated in Eastern Orthodoxy as a whole, but by no means as fervently as it is in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
The Slavic word Pokrov, like the Greek Skepê has a complex meaning. First of all, it refers to a cloak or shroud, but it also means protection or intercession. For this reason, the name of the feast is variously translated as the Veil of Our Lady, the Protecting Veil of the Theotokos, the Protection of the Theotokos, or the Intercessi…


I am an artist and I am happy. I am not able to lie. I don't know how to play the hypocrite to make a tainted money. I can only paint. I also like to talk about the meaning of life by the agency of my paintings. I think Art has to lead people to perfection. I am a refractory spirit in a flock of humble sheep. I don't keep way with the contemporary world because the world road leads to Sodom. I love God and I consider that a monkey was not assisting God when He created Man. I am an ill-fated person in the opinion of Philistines because I preferred to enjoy freedom.